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Gombori Products & Solutions

Enzymes Enzymes Phages Phages Biosurfactants Biosurfactants Probiotics and Prebiotics Probiotics and Prebiotics Biofuel Technologies Biofuel Technologies Yundo Yundo Bio and phytoremediation Bio and phytoremediation Custom Biopreparations Custom Biopreparations Biopreparations for agriculture Biopreparations for agriculture Natural Colorants Natural Colorants Biopreparations for livestock Biopreparations for livestock


Developed for extreme operational conditions and in different range of purities for analytical and industrial use

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For applications in bioremediation, agriculture, petroleum, detergents, cosmetics and more

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Probiotics and Prebiotics

To be used in functional foods and pharmaceuticals

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The Yundo family of products are based on solid state fermentation (SSF). Production of food additives by SSF is a relatively new technology that is rarely seen on the market. We have experience in dealing with solid state fermentation, and through a lengthy process of strain selection we managed to make a very nutritious and healthy food supplement.

The feed additives produced by SSF are totally safe. The World Health organization has approved these strains as the most balanced for both human and animal consumption.

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Bio and phytoremediation

Solutions for Petroleum Contamination, PCBs, organic and inorganic chemicals, organic waste treatment and more

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Custom Biopreparations

What we DO BEST is to MANUFACTURE THE BIOPREPARATION THAT YOU NEED for your specific industrial needs.

We start by knowing your problem or your requirement (under confidentiality agreement) and then we propose you a viable solution and a budget for implementation. We not only develop a solution for you but we adapt manufacturing facilities, budget and product prices to your specific needs.

Our turnaround time between problem specification and implementation of the solution in your process line is tipically less than 9 months, even for the most complicated problems.

Please contact us with your specific requirement and our technical team will be pleased to get hands on!

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Biopreparations for agriculture

Increase yields and decrease pests and diseases using a totally sustainable, non-chemical solution

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Biopreparations for livestock

New generation of functional foods and ingredients that will make you re-think the ways you get the most of your farm

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Biofuel Technologies

We have developed advanced technologies for Biomethane, Bioethanol and Biodiesel production based on Consolidated Bioprocessing, Enzymatic Degradation of several wastes and effective use of Extra Cellular Transcription Factors and more.

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Natural Colorants

Our Natural colorants are not only superb in coloring but are sustainable, biologically active and they even have bacterial suppressing capabilities that make them very interesting for all kind of textile and food applications.

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We have developed specific arrays of phages to be able to solve tomato bacterial spot. This biopreparation has enormous potential in reducing losses caused by tomato bacterial spot in greenhouse production as well as in open field production.

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